At least once a week I’m asked the question….

What kind of watch do you have?



My watch is an iPod nano with a Silver LunaTik watch band.

You can build your own with a  ipod nano 6th or 7th generation and a Lunatik watch band.


You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet. – Charlie “Tremendous” Jones

I was inspired to make my own book list after reading Money Saving Mom and Kelly‘s list.  I’m setting an ambitious goal (for me) to read 26 books or 1 book every 2 weeks.

Here is my list of 26 books

What books do you want to read in 2012?  I’d love to hear!

Hard to believe but 2011 is gone and we are already 2 days into 2012.

Big changes are coming and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Over the next couple days I’ll share my 2012 goals, dreams and much much more.

The first BIG change?  I’m now blogging, which would not have been possible without a TON of encouragement and help from my wife, Kelly.

What BIG change did you make?  I’d love to hear.